The Tall Lady

Countrey McCarty

A mother brought her daughter to her grandparents house for the week. The grandparents were so happy to see her; they gave her a big hug and they already made some cookies inside. The girl was jumping with joy and she ran inside after giving her mom a hug and saying goodbye.

After she was done eating the delicious cookies she went to play outside in front of the nine foot tall bush wall blocking her from strangers. While playing she kept hearing a booming sound, not like a bomb, just a boom and it kept getting closer and closer. The girl was looking around and she saw nothing but she swore the sound was coming from the tall bushes. She was looking at the bushes and all she heard was “boom boom boom” closer and closer, the sound came closer. And it stopped. The girl stepped back and she saw something on top of the bushes. It was a straw hat. She was confused because the bushes were nine feet tall so she thought someone’s hat had gotten blown away and got stuck. She was about to get the hat but she saw the hat move. She was too scared and ran inside. She sat at the table while the parents were drinking tea. She finally told them what she saw. 

“Grandma, Grandpa! I never knew y’all bushes can make noises!” The grandparents’ faces turned pale. The grandma grabbed the girl and said, “What sound did you hear?” The girl tried to answer all her questions but she was talking too fast to answer. The grandpa grabbed his shotgun and ran out side the girl asked, “what is happening?” The grandma sighed and explained kids had started disappearing in this town and no one knew how but one of the kids escaped and told everyone about the tall lady; she goes to lonely kids and makes a sound to lure them in and when they see her the kids end up missing by nightfall. The girl didn’t believe what she was hearing but before the girl said anything the grandma called someone. 

One minute later a priest came one look at the girl and he said she is for sure marked. The priest grabbed the girl and put her into her room and the priest put 4 bowls full of salt on each side of the room and a statue in the middle of the floor. “Whatever you do, do not leave this room for anything, not even to use the bathroom.” The priest gave her a bucket and started writing on the walls and put paper all over the windows and he left. The girl got bored so she played with her dolls but then the sound came back. Boom Boom Boom. The girl got on her bed; she heard the sound at the window and she ran to the opposite side of the room. Then the sound got louder and louder she looked around and saw the salt turn black and then everything went silent. She looked around and she heard her grandma’s voice. 

“Come on Samantha. It’s over, you can come out.” 

Samantha was happy and before she grabbed the door, she felt a hand grab her shoulder. She quickly turned around and no one was there but the statue was looking straight at her. She walked away from the door but then the kind and loving voice of her grandma sounded deep and demonic; she hugged the statue and prayed. After praying, she fell asleep when she woke up in the hospital. The grandparents were there and gave her a hug. They called her mom to tell her the good news and the mom said give the phone to Samantha. They gave it to her.

“You thought you won. Just know if you live, one family member goes bye-bye.” Before hanging up she hears the one sound she hates most. Boom. Boom. Boom.