Meet Ms. Collie

Ethan Warren

I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Collie, the new paraprofessional and aspiring history teacher here at GW.  We discussed some of the issues, concerns and the daily culture that students experience here at GW, including handling food at school and at home. The school provided meals are some of the only meals some of the students get and I am happy that the board and out district are aware of this predicament; we also talked about how the school celebrates different communities and cultures like BLM and LGBTQIA+ and how the school has clubs for student to express themselves and language classes with specific cultures like Japanese, Spanish, Latin, and French. “I love it; it should be everywhere it should be praised.”

Last, we also talked about how the school and just the board in general are handling the covid-19 problem. She replied”it’s pretty solid, as long as you practice washing your hands and wearing a mask and social distance and should see more strict vaccine mandates; the school is doing their best and that’s okay. The only thing you can do is try your best and be more impressed with how they’re doing it now than what they did last year.”