The Woman in the Woods

Xzayevion Saunders

One day on a stormy night there was a woman who lived in a cabin deep in the woods who decided to isolate herself from the world. Lately she has been seeing unusual, paranormal activity. She had been hallucinating and seeing ghosts and had not paid it any mind until she saw a masked man outside her window. She ran upstairs, locked herself in her room and put her dresser in front of it. She tried to call 911 but did not have service; she felt some breathing on her neck and stealthily turned around; it was the man she saw outside a couple hours ago. as soon as she tried to run. The man grabbed her neck and pulled off his mask — it was her crazy ex, the serial killer who has been on the news. As she looked into his eyes, struggling to breathe he said, “I told you I would find you again.” with a grin.