Back 2 School

Ashton Carter

There is something oddly familiar about this time of year: it is when the days grow shorter, the leaves begin to turn colors, and the heat of summer slowly cools. Another familiar feeling as the summer comes to an end is the start of school for young kids to adults. The starting of school has always been somewhat of a magical time of year, it is when parents are taking their kids on the last vacation of the summer, when kids are sleeping over with their friends for the last time, and for the older ‘kids’ it is often the last time they get to party for about 10 months. While all of this seems negative it is quite the opposite! It has been said many times that, “Time flies while you’re having fun,” and school allows students to return to their everyday lives and structure.

Due to COVID the starting of schools this year has been a little different. With rising cases and a national effort to keep schools open there are many new restrictions that some view as too much, or just a liability. However, this year is like no other we have ever faced before and it will most certainly go down in history as a year that changed how we as a society view education.

After not truly being in school since the early spring of 2020 many kids are stepping inside of schools that they have never seen or walked around inside of before. This is causing a hige culture shock across the country, and to those long term educators and administrators they are faced with a question, “How can we return to normalcy?”

In order to return to any sense of normalcy students, educators, and administrators first need to realize that there will be no such thing as pre COVID normalcy again. However, with the right leader and the right strategy schools across the country can use this learning curve as a means to improve for the better.

An excellent example is how many educators used their time as virtual teachers to take a step back and analyze how they were teaching tomorrow’s leaders. 

So, while it might not be a normal start to the year I truly believe that we will make the best of this truly unconventional beginning.