Minute with an Administrator: Meet Mr. Fullerwinder

Cyuniyia Short

Meet Mr. Fullerwinder, an assistant principal here at GW. Mr.Fullerwinder thinks teachers are influential and he wants to have a positive contribution. He chose his subject area by seeing how little things could make big things happen. He Loves to see how events in the past have affected or benefited the events happening now. If he could pick another career he would choose to be a firefighter or doctor. Mr. Fullerwinder’s goal for this year is to learn how to be a better educator. He wants to learn to teach us in the best way possible and he is learning how to communicate with everyone. His best advice he would like to give to a student is “learn what to do and what not to do.” In 10 years Mr.Fullerwinder sees himself married with children, owning a house and car and being the principal of his own school. And last but not least he thinks modeling how to react when something crazy or random happens is the hardest part of being a teacher.