Meet Coach Shuping

Ciara Myers

Coach Todd Shuping is one of the football coaches of our talented football team here at GW. Coach Shuping said he became a coach because he wanted “to be able to help others and watch them grow and develop.” Growing up in Greensboro, he had a pretty good childhood with great friends and a nice neighborhood. Some of his biggest heroes were coaches and athletes. Outside of work, Shuping enjoys spending time with his family and friends and golfing. His favorite movies are The Godfather I and II and he likes a mix of everything when it comes to music. Coach’s athlete is Michael Jordan and his favorite football team is the Carolina Panthers.

On August 20th, 2021, the GWHS Football team kicked off their season with a benefit game against William Flemming. Speaking with Coach Todd Shuping, he said that there were “a lot of unknowns” since it was the first game. At first, our Eagles struggled, ending the half 14-0. Shuping also said that the players struggled with “fundamentals and mental focus”. However, during the 4th quarter, they started to rally themselves and scored 2 touchdowns back to back, making the score 21-14. Nevertheless, their last-minute efforts weren’t enough and the Colonels pulled off a victory. Despite their loss, Coach Shuping was proud to see his players’ confidence grow as they became more aggressive in the game. He is also excited to see the kids grow each week. The Eagles’ next game is September 10th at home vs E. C. Glass.