Biden’s First 100 Days

Ashton Carter

The first 100 days of a presidential administration are the most important and vital to its survival. Most, if not all, presidents construct out a very ambitious agenda for their first 100 days, but none like our 46th president. 

Joe Biden entered the White House with an expansive agenda that included taming the coronavirus, reshaping the economic recovery, overhauling climate policy, and rethinking the power of tech companies. Biden also boosted US spending by roughly 15 percent of gross domestic product, embarked on a charm offensive with allies, and reclaimed US leadership on global warming.

The American Rescue plan was one of the biggest government spending bills passed by congress in its history; one of Biden’s biggest accomplishments in his first 100 days! The bill sent $1,400 dollars into American pockets. While the stimulus portion of this bill was and is the most notable, it is not the only punch that Biden packed into this historic legislation; there are many other components. The most notable being the expansion of unemployment and the insurance that people need. 

Historically, most presidents fall somewhere between partisan lines, but those days are over with the last two presidents governing almost solely on partisan beliefs. However, the difference between Trump and Biden is how they go about it, and how they treat their oppressors. BIden acknowledges his spending seems like a lot, but he assures people that it is covered by making the top 1% pay their fair share in taxes. 

However, with all this good some people still are reluctant to see it. The most notable are some very common names such as: Mitch McConnel, Chuck Hrassley, Mitt Romney, and Rand Paul. On the flipside this does not mean Biden had shut down ideas presented by the other side. The biggest compromise the president has made was when he decided to cut the $15 minimum wage sub section from the American Rescue Plan.