Meet Our Principal

Ciara Myers

Mr. Lancaster, head principal at GW, is a prominent figure within Danville Public Schools. As principal, Mr. Lancaster does not just conform to the cookie-cutter version of a principal. Instead, he embarks on the path not traveled, to establish a better, brighter, and more beautiful future for the Eagle’s Nest. In need of a change, Mr. Lancaster came to GW in 2017 after previously being principal at Galileo. Now, he is moving to a new position downtown where he will help teachers renew their expiring licenses. Before he departs, let’s get to know our principal!

Mr. Lancaster was born in 1974 in Alabama and moved to Danville, VA when he was 4 years old. He said that he had an overall “great childhood”, especially during the 1980s. Growing up, his coaches were his heroes because they taught him “much more than sports.” They taught him about life and what it means to be a “team player.” These coaches were the ones who inspired him to become an amazing coach himself. 

Before he was a principal, Mr. Lancaster was a history teacher. He said that he chose education, specifically history, because he enjoys “working with students to see their successes” and is a history buff. He stated that his motivation to come to work every day is that he has “a great job, where no day is the same.”

Outside of school, Mr. Lancaster is an active father, fisher, and golfer. His favorite music genres are the 1980s, hair bands, and rock. Some of his favorite artists include Frank Sinatra, Cat Stevens, Jimmy Buffett, Bon Jovi, and Billy Joel. One of his favorite songs is “He went to Paris” by Jimmy Buffett. Mr. Lancaster also loves literature. On his drive to and from work, he listens to one of his favorite book series, The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher, a favorite author of his. Mr. Lancaster also enjoys works by J. K. Rowling, Kevin Hearne, and Brad Thor. When asked about movies, Mr. Lancaster said the Harry Potter series, Good Will Hunting, Marvel Universe, and With Honors were among his favorites. When in need of a laugh, Mr. Lancaster’s go-to comedians include Kevin Hart, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Jim Gaffigan, and Robin Williams. 

To conclude, it was a pleasure to interview and get to know Mr. Lancaster. He has made a profound impact on GW and on me. I hope he continues to do great things in his future position. As the year winds down and we get closer to his departure, let us all take time to wish Mr. Lancaster well.