2021 Gubernatorial Election

Ashton Carter

This is an election year in Virginia; we as a commonwealth will go to vote and select our new governor on Tuesday, November 2nd 2021. There is a special law in Virginia that does not allow a Governor to run for reelection; however, this does not permit said candidate from running again. This is how Terry McAuliffe is able to run this year after already being Governor. 

There are going to be three different political parties in this election. The Democrats will select its candidate in a primary election, the Republican party will hold a convention, and Princess Blanding is running under the Libertarian party’s platform.

The confirmed democratic challengers are former governor Terry McAuliffe, Justin Fairfax, Jennifer Carroll Foy, and Jennifer McClellan. The confirmed republican challengers are Amanda Chase, Kirk Cox, and Kurt Santini. 

While Governor Northam is not able to run an endorsement from him will likely set any candidate to easily become the front runner, similarly to how Jim Clyburn’s endorsement of Joe Biden completely changed the projected winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.