New Life with COVID-19

Jada Barksdale

This year the pandemic we have been dealing with has caused a lot of changes in our everyday lives. One of the most noticeable is how the stores are being run and the constant running out of product. During the pandemic throughout the year, the stores have been very cautious but when the virus first started; some stores closed for a while but opened back up. Later on in the year, the store’s employees were required to wear masks and then the customers were as well. All the stores have posted signs saying everyone is required to wear masks in the stores and if you don’t have a mask, you can’t come in. Also, if you don’t have a mask, some stores provide one for you. Walmart has a rope with cones down the middle when you first enter the store so those going in are separate from those going out and they only have one entrance open. All of the stores are wiping down baskets after someone else used it as well as making sure only a certain number of people are in the store.’

Entertainment has changed quite a bit too. Going to a football game or a concert is far from normal right now. There are cardboard cutouts where there would normally be fans in the stadium seats at a sports event. Many musical artists are doing concerts from their homes or in an empty auditorium while we are able to view it over the internet. Dj’s have even started doing live videos of them mixing songs as a form of entertainment. The internet has also started innocent battles between famous singers and rappers, called Verzuz battles; with everyone stuck in the house the internet has been our number one form of entertainment.