Hollywood Stars: How are the movies going to look in 2021?

Zion Bishop

Due to the worldwide pandemic, we all want to know what’s going to happen in 2021 with movies or shows. By Zoom meetings to phone calls, directors and actors have come together to make it work. 

The Times recently observed the audition process by speaking with actors about their experiences auditioning in person and at home. By phone, directors shared their thoughts on how the public health emergency has altered casting TV, film and others. In addition to roles for the actors playing, they must now also be part of the producers, editors, readers, camera operators and directors when shooting at home. This alone adds stress and more anxiety to the actor. Crowded audition waiting rooms have now turned into virtual ones with Zoom., where actors have no choice but to stare at their other competitors.

Actress Jennifer Lopez opened up in an interview, speaking about how 2020 has taken a toll on her and her family. She spoke about how she got herself and her kids through this experience. She says she has to be there for her kids and this pandemic has caused stress and all she can do is comfort them and tell them things will get better soon.

So, what are the movies going to look like in 2021? Well, to name a few, The Suicide Squad, Cinderella, No Time to Di, Black Widow, Minions: The Rise of Gru, Mission Impossible7, The Matix 4 and many others set still set to release.