Covid-19: How has it affected the world of sports?

Zion Bishop

We all want to know what happened to our athletes due to Covid-19. We all have so many questions on what will happen next. What will our beloved athletes do now that Covid has hit the world? 

From the NFL to the Summer Olympics, athletes have been anxious about what is going to happen. The rising pandemic has pushed back all athletic activities by a year or so. It even has pushed back the Summer Olympics, which was supposed to happen in July, is postponed until July 23, 2021. In the NFL, the Tennessee Titans were the first time to experience a Covid-19 outbreak. Their number of positive tests is now up to 24 after a staff member tested positive back in October. 

Other sports, such as basketball, have also been affected. In the beginning of the pandemic, the NBA was one of the first sports to suspend activity as cases started to rise. MLB had mixed results with Covid-19 and ending the season when a player had been tested positive during the World Series. As of mid-December, only a single NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks, can say that no positive Covie-19 test among the players and staff. Teams aren’t sure what to be afraid of most: having an outbreak that has seized the nation or to play against Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes at Arrowhead Stadium. Let’s hope for the latter!