Councilman Bryant Hood

Ciara Myers

Remember that election for the city council last month? The results are in and the winner is Bryant Hood! Mr. Hood has been involved in the community for a while and his main reason for running for council was to represent blue-collar workers in Danville. Mr. Hood is also the founder of “Economics Through Edutainment” whose mission is to help the community through entertainment, education, and outreach. Among his goals for his tenure on the council are: unifying the community, improving education, and public safety. 

When asked about easing racial tensions in Danville, Mr. Hood suggested bringing unity and having respect for all. I also asked about his thoughts on Danville’s Covid-19 response. He said that our city was “pretty good with restrictions,” and that we need to continue wearing masks along with following the guidelines. He wants to support small businesses by giving them relief packages for problems, ahead of time and also giving them a full platform in the community. When asked how he would handle the shortage of socializing places for teens and kids, he said that he wants to have more youth-centered events and bring musicians and entertainers to Danville. To address the lack of youth involvement in our city government, Mr. Hood plans to reach out to youth so that one day the city hall chambers are packed with kids.

To sum it up, it was a great experience to interview Mr. Hood. He has some great ideas for our community. I feel he will help Danville become more unified and a better place for everyone to live, work and play.