Squad to participate in ‘Stomp-n-Shake’ competition March 21


Janiya Lewis

Going over the routine before practice, Sophomore Anniyah Jackson and Junior Taylor Breedlove refresh themselves on the material while remaining all smiles. Since January, the basketball cheerleaders have had long practices in preparation for their March 21 competition. “This is going to be my second year competing. I’m very nervous this year because there's a lot more pressure on us to win in our category," Jackson said.

Janiya Lewis, Editor in Chief

As March began and the GW basketball season came to a close, the GW basketball cheerleaders started significant planning for the spring, preparing for their upcoming competition at Virginia State University.

Since the beginning of January, practices for the squad had been 2-3 hours long, four days a week. Saturday practices are described as the most crucial because they start in the morning. The squad’s routine is approximately 3 minutes long, and they perform it full out over and over again as if they were on the mat while their coach makes critiques.

“I feel like we have worked even harder than last year,” Junior Taylor Breedlove said. “I’m glad the work ethic is strong because we can win first place with the right attitudes.”

The cheerleaders are competing in the National Stomp-n-Shake Cheer and Dance Championship competition March 21 at Virginia State University. For the first time, both the varsity and junior varsity squads are being combined to form a “super varsity” to compete in the super varsity category.

“We get to compete against teams from Virginia, North Carolina, and other states,” Sophomore Angel Pritchett said. “I feel nervous every time I hit the mat. There’s always so much adrenaline moving through my body when I get out there in front of the judges, but this year is different than last year because the team’s bond is better than ever.”

Head Coach of the program is Trina McLaughlin, celebrating her sixth year with the Eagles, and bringing home several trophies during these seasons.

McLaughlin said the cheerleaders have put in hard work ever since they joined the team.

“The girls have a chance to show off their skills on a larger scale,” McLaughlin said of the competition. “I feel they will bring home another National title.”

The captain of the cheer squad for the 2019-2020 season is Senior Brianna Simpson. Pritchett and Junior J’Nya McMoore both share the title and serve as co-captains. Additional team members are Breedlove, Janiya Lewis, Jamiyah Townes, Jaylan Dickerson, Darriel Mabin, Anniyah Jackson, Tamahria Bracey, Seniyah Brown, and Jasmine Walters.