Marching Eagles wrap up the season with win at Kecoughtan High School


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Ready to race, Senior Tyson Claytor smiles as he awaits the beginning of the kart race against the other band members. The band students went to Motor World in Virginia Beach the day after their competition at Kecoughtan High School in Hampton to enjoy time together before heading home. “The whole trip there was full of fun and laughter. I really want to go back with my bandmates,” Claytor said.

Romello Ferrell, Staff Writer

The Marching Eagles had a weekend filled with competitive tension Nov. 16-17 as they traveled four hours to Kecoughtan High School in Hampton for their final competition of the season.

Located about 45 minutes from Virginia Beach, the school hosted bands that the Eagles had never faced before, a particularly a scary feeling according to Senior Sage Abueznaid.

“You never know the other bands’ strengths and weaknesses,” Abueznaid said. “It’s our job to keep sight of what we know is important, to point out what they’re really good at.”

Abueznaid said it was very intimidating for some of the GW band members to view the other competitors, but they knew that they had worked really hard to accomplish the goals set for the season. There was no doubt in their minds that they would succeed with positivity.

And succeed they did as the Eagles won second place overall, and the color guard received the victorious first place title.

“The most exciting part of the performance was getting off of the field,” Senior Jaden Watkins said. “I had a chance to get out of my extremely hot uniform.”

Unfortunately for the seniors, emotions were high at Kecoughtan High School, as the November competition was the last for their high school career.

Still, many said, despite the exhaustion, the blood, sweat, and tears that they had shed for years had paid off in the end and, as seniors, they would not trade their bond for anything else in the world.

The group celebrated their win and wrapped up the season with a trip to Virginia Beach, relaxing together at Motor World, a go-kart amusement center before heading back to Danville.

“It was kind of a bittersweet moment,” Senior Amariana Saunders said of her final season. “It was both a sad and happy experience for me.”