College Adviser treasures last year with Eagles

University of Virginia Graduate Kendall Jordan is in his second and final year at GW, as part of the program through UVa and the Virginia College Advising Corps


Brianna Simpson

Helping him register to take the December SAT, College Adviser Kendall Jordan assists Senior Rahmel Goode to create a login and choose the schools that should receive his scored. Jordan said his office doors are open to students in need of assistance in your journey to being college ready. “I have had at least one one-on-one interaction with 45 percent of the Class of 2020 so far,” Jordan said in the fall.

Janiya Lewis, Editor in Chief

Every two years, new college advisers are chosen by the Virginia College Advising Corps and The University of Virginia to offer guidance to high school students in Virginia in the hopes of increasing awareness of, and accessibility to, college planning resources as part of a program through AmeriCorps. University of Virginia Graduate Kendall Jordan joined the Eagles in 2018, starting of a journey for himself to help GW students seeking help planning for their futures.

A psychology and Spanish major, Kendall Jordan was not offered GW originally. The offer for the school came a few weeks after receiving the first offer. Jordan said after receiving the second offer, he got into his rental car on a rainy day to travel to Danville to meet some of the faculty and students. Although he was not certain about his decision to be a college adviser, Jordan said he had a gut feeling that he should take the job at GW.

“I have honestly tried not to think about the fact that this is my last year,” Jordan said of the two-year commitment. “I’ve made so many great memories and friends in Danville, and this is coming from someone who randomly moved by himself three hours away from home. I tell my family all the time that it truly feels like another home.”

Jordan said he looks at every student that comes to see him as a puzzle piece. The students are each unique, and he tries to help figure out how to place them on the board. Eventually, the puzzle of different pieces would fit together.

It is his desire to help every student through each step of their journey that Jordan said is the hardest part about being an adviser as, realistically, he cannot always do this.

“I still try my best to help as much as I can,” Jordan said. “That’s also why I appreciate all the faculty and staff who help and make sure our students become the best that they can be and to be successful after high school.”

Jordan’s positive attitude and ability to encourage and motivate students are traits his colleagues commend him for as he puts in countless hours of hard work to help students grow, often reaching out to the over-stressed student athletes in need of support.

“He is always a positive person,” Senior Ethan Stephens said. “I don’t remember a day where he was down or had a negative attitude. I will miss his presence during baseball season as this year will be his second year as an assistant coach for our team. He has made a huge contribution to the coaching staff and has made a positive impact on the team.”

Stephens said Jordan’s personality reflects his character, with seniors describing the adviser as “kindhearted” and generous.

“Mr. Jordan has greatly made an impact on me and my college journey,” Senior Koreyana Webb said. “He was always able to assist me with everything I needed to become a successful college student.”

Jordan said his ultimate goal for the year is to meet with every senior in the Class of 2020, not just to learn each and every name, but to help them develop a general idea of what their plan is for after high school.

“His kindness and supportiveness are his best qualities,” Senior Jerry Garcia said. “He made sure that I was on the right track and I will miss him just being around because he has good energy.”