Speaker encourages students to push themselves towards success



Called on stage by Adolph Brown, Dainon Green, 11, stands as an example of a part of Adolph’s life experience. Brown described his childhood experience as challenging, as his mother did not allow him to give up on his dreams and pushed him to succeed. “I loved the assembly. It was cool. He was very inspirational and I enjoyed talking to him,” Green said.

Briana Hernandez, Staff Writer

Motivation and inspiration filled the juniors and seniors during the Gear Up assembly where Dr. Adolph Brown, a college professor and motivational speaker, accompanied by Jazeel, his godson, spoke about life experience and character.
Many students were excited for the assembly, but even more so the moment music started playing.
“It was pretty exciting during the dancing and everything,” Alexis Villalobos, 12, said. “He really got everyone up and cheering.”
Brown was not only exciting, however, he also, according to Senior Jose Carbajal, was different and intriguing.
“I felt as if he knew what most students felt,” Carbajal said, “And the struggles of many of them and did as much as possible to motivate us.”
Brown started the assembly dressed in jeans, a T-shirt and a wig with dread-locked hair. After his introduction he removed the costume and was dressed in clean-cut clothes, sending the message that people should never be judged by their appearance.
“My favorite part was when he had a disguise on, he was dressed up as somebody different and then he took the disguise off and I thought, wow he’s somebody different,” Juliana Batchelor, 12, said. “Dr. Brown talked about his cousin being in jail and it hit me because I know people in jail that I’m close to. I took what Adolph Brown said and I’m applying that to my life by graduating and finishing the nursing program.”
Many students said Jones’ message caused them to take a look at their lives and push themselves to be better. Even the teachers learned a lot from Brown and felt themselves want to be better.
“If I’m being honest with myself, I want to be Dr. Brown someday to my students. I want to be able to inspire them within a short conversation to take a second to look at their lives and realize that something needs to change,” Chemistry Teacher Jamie Emmel said. “I have been reading over some of the messages that the students shared with Dr. Brown, and I am just in awe of the work that he has done. He is deserving of the title of “Master Teacher.” If any of my kids would have asked me that day what I wanted to be when I finally grew up, I would have told them that I wanted to be Dr. Brown.”
Students left the auditorium Sept. 24 excited about what their future would bring, with many actually looking forward to becoming better people, and accomplishing something to be proud of.
“The things he said were inspirational and pushed other students forward and made me feel like I could become anything if I pushed myself far enough,” Tyson Claytor, 11, said “I realized I could do better in school and life. Plus, he conveyed it in a fun and moving way.”