Golf team starts season Aug. 14



Preparing to strike the ball, James Newell, 11, hopes to get a hole in one. Newell played golf for two years and enjoyed doing the best he could. “My favorite thing about golf is the thrill of winning, however my dives have not been the best lately and I could use some extra range time to work on them,” Newell said.

Pascual Morales, Staff Writer

For the second year in a row, the golf team remains a small but mighty team. Their first game of the 2018-2019 season was Aug. 14 in Patrick County, where Gunn shot a 75, Newell shot a 89 and Casteel shot a 83.
“Golf appeals to me because you are always learning new things; there is no such thing as perfection in golf,” Sophomore Ethan Casteel said.
Although team members find the sport enjoyable there are many challenges they face during a new season. For new student William Gunn the hardest part is the constant practice.
“I usually got to school then head home and get my clubs for practice. After that I do homework and then get ready for the next day. It is time consuming but fun and worth the effort.”
Because golf is based on individual performance when team members face obstacles it is up to them to overcome them, but the team is always there to motivate each other to do their best.
“I decided to join the golf team because it was a sport that I had played all of my life and I really enjoyed doing it,” Junior James Newell said.
Newell is a third-year team member who has been playing since he was 7.
“When I was a kid I ran the gold cart over a tree and then back down,” Newell said. “My
Only a three-man team, the trio is always looking for new members with any level of experience.
“I was a new member of the golf team last year as a freshman and I do plan to rejoin next year,” Casteel said mid-season. “We have a real good chance of winning states and we are working hard to get there.”
At mid-season, best score for the team were 75 for Gunn, 81 for Casteel and 77 Newell with all three continuing to reduce their strokes.
“I feel like I have improved as the season has progressed. I work on my swing and practice different shots,” Gunn said. “Golf is repetition, practicing more and more to fine-tune your skills.” {P. Morales}