ROTC holds car wash Aug. 25



Lathering an SUV in suds, Tyreke Poole, 10, goes over the car from front to back Aug. 25 during the ROTC car wash. The car wash collected donations for special trips and activities for the year and served as a leadership opportunity for the cadets in charge. “I helped my platoon wash cars, and my platoon commander gave me the opportunity to help lead it,” Poole said.

Briana Hernandez, Staff Writer

Under the sweltering sun, members of the NJROTC staff held their annual car wash, one of two fundraisers the unit holds each year.
Setting up at Red Lobster on Aug. 25 the staff accepted donations for the year’s happenings including trips, service projects and other activities.
“We did the car wash to raise money for trips, like the Norfolk trip, as well as the military ball and other events,” Jasmyn Giggetts-Shelton, a platoon commander said. “It is good for us to be out in the community and give back and we had a good time out there.”
NJROTC Instructor Commander Franklin Hitt said the car wash also allowed the platoon commanders a chance to practice their leadership skills.
“I want the Platoon Commander to direct the actions of their platoon members. For the car wash, they needed to choose cadets to do a variety of jobs; sprayers, wheel washers, cadets to wash various other parts of the car, dryers, etc.,” Hitt said. “We tell them that the platoon should act like a NASCAR pit crew, everyone has a particular duty. The PC is to oversee their efforts.”
For the 2018-2019 school year members of the administrative staff included Commanding Officer Michael Gryder, Chief of Command Leadership Benjamin Grimes, Operations Officer Macey McGhee, Administrations Officer Jeremiah Koch, Supply Officer Dymonique Williams, First Lieutenant Corey Henry and Public Affairs Officer Scarlett Reynolds.
For the car wash, Koch made sure all cadets had a signed permission form and standard release from Grimes, who assisted the commanders on the day of the event, making sure the quality of the wash was up to par. Williams was in charge of making sure all the supplies were acquired and the wash buckets stayed filled with clean water and the use of the soap was adequate.
While the work was hard, the staff enjoyed the event, a chance Hitt said for them to bond as a group before the school year got too hectic.
“I always enjoy the car wash because I look forward to watching my cadets use their leadership skills to make it all happen.”