Library Lunch takes students to a galaxy far, far away


Xena Scott

Adding water to her galaxy, Aaliyah Lopez,10, focuses on placing her colors in the order she planned. Lopez added glitter to create a glistening water effect during the Library Lunch event on Oct. 24 and used a popsicle stick to place her elements perfectly. “I went for a under water theme of blueish green waves,” Lopez said.

Briana Hernandez, Staff Writer

The Library Lunch club has achieved the impossible, they brought space to Earth.
October’s Galaxy in a Jar event was nothing less than extraterrestrial when students gathered during their lunch period to use cotton balls, glitter, and food coloring to create their individual galaxies.
Jadaiah Walton, Junior, described her experience as amazing.
“I always wanted to try it,” Walton said. “It was fun and was something different to do.”
The activity was made possible by the Danville Public Library and the school librarians.
“I’ve been collaborating with Haley Walters for over a year now,” Chrislyn Gardener, the youth services librarian at the Danville Public Library said. “Each Library Lunch Club is different; we do crafts, trivia, STEM activities – whatever we know the students will enjoy.”
All of the supplies for the events are bought by the Danville Public Library themselves and the purpose of the collaboration was to provide programs students are interested in where they can easily attend, school.
Walters said the experience was stress relieving, a perfect activity for right before the state writing test, calling The Library Lunch Club a good outlet for students where they can express themselves and have a good time while doing activities together.
“The students who participated said that it was awesome and very fun,” Walters said.
Some of the members who participated in making the galaxies have been in the club since it began, but for some new members, like Freshman Kaniya Simmons, it was a nice welcoming event to get their feet wet.
“It was my first time doing the Library Lunch Club and I thought that it was very relaxing,” Simmons said. “I will be attending the next meeting, and it was a fun experience.”
With the pressure of exams and SOL’s coming after Thanksgiving break, students said they were grateful for the time they could spend just relaxing and hanging out with friends.