Eagles beat Bassett 45-6 for Homecoming


L. McGeough

With fans cheering for new royalty, Carlos Poole, 12, and Faith Odom, 12, embrace each other after being crowned king and queen during half time of the homecoming game. The couple said they were proud to represent the senior class and excited to do it together. ”I was extremely happy and a little nervous but the experience was so fun,” Odom said.

Briana Hernandez, Staff Writer

After a week of displaying school spirit and support, George Washington High School prepared itself for the annual Homecoming game Oct. 25 where a king and queen would be chosen from the senior ranks.

With a storm projected for the original Friday date, the game was moved to Thursday, disheartening for some alumni who could not make the trip early but exciting for the current students who could not wait to see the Eagles take the field.

“Considering the challenges we faced with the weather and having to play on Thursday, it was a great night,” Principal Jay Lancaster said. “I always enjoy seeing the students dressed up and the excitement by those on the court.”

Changes to the school calendar after Hurricane Michael threw another curve to homecoming day celebrations as the annual pep rally was rescheduled on the next Friday for Senior Night.

Nominations for homecoming court started the week prior to the game with students’ names submitted by their peers.

Chosen for court from the senior class were candidates for king: Lucas Addis, Gavin Oaks, and Shamaurie Henderson and candidates for queen: Kelsei Niblett, Grace Holland, and Hannah Anderson.  Taking home the honors were Carlos Poole and Faith Odom, each excited to hear their name called.

“It was a really cool experience. It was my first time being able to be there with my family and friends,” Poole said. “My favorite part of the night was walking with Faith and having lots of fun.”

Odom and Poole stayed on the field for pictures with the Eagle mascot and family and friends to catelog a night they would never forget.

“It was fun, and really exciting,” Odom said. “It was something that I never even imagined I would be doing and I loved walking with Carlos.”

Named to the homecoming court for the junior class were Jayden Worsham and DaiZuane’ Giggetts. Sophomore class representatives were Sha’Kobe Hairston and Alexis Beasley. New to the homecoming experience were Ahmad Poole and Jupree Edmonds, chosen as freshman class representatives.

After crowning festivities concluded, the Eagles continued their battle against Bassett High School with the match-up ending with a score of 45-6 in favor of the Eagles. The game marked the seventh win of the season for the team, and kept the Eagles soaring high on their way to post-season play.

“Willie Edmunds had a really good game with three touchdowns and 173 yards rush and Carlos Poole was 5 for 6 with two Bassett touchdowns so offensively we played well,” Coach Nick Anderson said. “Defensively we played really good too because they only scored six points so our defense had a shut out.”